You are thinking about planning a Florence Italy tour or have already made arrangements to visit our beautiful city, great!

You have probably spent some time finding out what airplane tickets would cost you and how much a decent hotel would set you back but have you thought about how you can save on a guided tour?

Why choose us for your Florence Italy Tours?

We are a group of local freelance professional tourist guides of Florence, ready to be hired to provide you with top class high-quality private Florence Italy tours.

Local guides

All of us are Italian, were born in Florence or lived here for years. Can you see the difference? Can tour guides from anywhere else know the city like we do, even if they have been in Florence many times? If you want a local experience, you have to trust a local.

Licensed guides

Would you prefer a licensed guide or an extemporary guide? We all have a background in history, art history and/or archeology, and on top of this we studied for 1.5 years and passed an exam to get our license just for Florence and province. But wait, here comes the nice part: thanks to recent new European Union rules, now any licensed EU tour guide can provide tours anywhere in the European Community. It might very well happen that you buy a tour in Florence and a guide licensed for Madrid drives you through the city. The question is: what does he know about Florence? And the answer is: very little or nothing. Choosing us you are guaranteed to be led by a guide who has a deep knowledge of the city.

Professional guides

We all do this for a living. We don’t have another job and provide tours to pay college for our children. We do this for passion, and we want to transmit this passion and love for our city to any traveler choosing us. By choosing a private tour with us, we will allocate for you more time than you request, allowing the necessary flexibility.

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Your benefits

  1. No middleman fees or agency fees: save up to 60%
  2. Private Florence Italy Tours: just your family/friends and the Florence tour guide
  3. Fully customizable Florence Day Tours

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No middleman fees or agency fees

When planning a holiday, people spend a lot of time on the web searching for low-cost flights and best hotel offers; why pay more than necessary for the same service? Then when they arrive at their holiday destination how many people worry about prices for their Florence Italy Tours? Maybe in many parts of the World you don’t need a tourist guide to enjoying the culture, art, and history, but if you’re planning a trip to Florence, Italy, a guided tour should be part of your plan. You can organize your own Florence day tour, walking around the city center and getting amazed at the magnificent attractions inside and outside the museums, but unless you are an art historian with a deep knowledge of Florence and Renaissance history, what will those historical buildings, statues and symbols tell you? Not much, believe me… So why pay more? I know what I’m talking about, because my main jobs as a tourist guide in Florence are provided by agencies that sell Florence day tours through hotel check-in desks: guests arrive here, are overwhelmed by all the things to do in Florence Italy, ask the concierge of their hotel to provide suggestions, and he sells them a great Florence walking tour.

So who are you paying for a Florence walking tour? Answer: a lot of people.

First of all, an intermediary agency selling tours in hotels. They get a large cut of the price upfront, something like 20/30%. And they do not provide any tour themselves: Florence day tours are provided by specialized tour operators, who again take their 20/30% cut and finally call a freelance Florence tour guide like me, who takes care of the customers. In the end, 40 to 60% of the price you paid goes to the middlemen. That’s the reason why a private Florence Walking tour can easily get up to €500 and more.

And that’s where we come in and that is the reason why you should book your guided Florence Italy Tours directly with us: no middle-man to pay, fair prices for great quality professional service from licensed Florence tour guides.

Take a look at our offers, then search the web for private Florence Italy Tours offered by agencies. See the difference!

Private customizable Florence Day Tours

The second thing that won’t work if you book through your hotel is that, most probably, you will opt for a group tour, because it looks cheaper. A group Florence Day Tour costs between €40 and €90 per person, depending on your choice, which is less than a private tour. You will join a large group, generally consisting of up to 25 tourists, and you will have a radio receiver to hear what the tourist guide is saying. You won’t have many opportunities to ask questions and to participate in the discussion if any at all. Most probably your memory of the tour will be the umbrella or the flag of the tourist guide, waved around not to lose any customer along the way. No nitty-gritty details you can ask about, discuss controversies and hear about the latest discussions in the art world.

Private Florence Italy Tours are, well, another league:

  • You will have a Florence tour guide only for you, your family or friends;
  • Upon request, the guide will pick you up at your hotel;
  • If you need a break from the tour, you will have a break;
  • If you want to ask for something, the guide will always be available;
  • If you want to discuss an opinion, the guide will be there for you;
  • If you want more detail or information about a piece of art, history or the best place to drink coffee: the native Florentine guide will be at your disposal.

Don’t get me wrong, group tours are not to be discarded: there are some particular places in Florence where only groups are allowed unless you are willing to pay 25x the price. We collaborate with a very professional tour operator that offers amazing group tours for exclusive attractions like the Vasari Corridor. This said, for all the other things to do in Florence Italy, booking a private Florence Day Tour is your best choice.

So the questions are:

-> When you book your airline tickets, would you choose coach class or top executive class for the same price?

-> Would you choose a five-star or a three-star hotel for the same price?

The answers are obvious: at you have found a place to get a top executive, five star guided Florence Day Tour, spending the same, or even less, than you would for a normal group tour booked in your hotel through the middleman. We have a very simple pricing policy: we price the tour, not the number of persons. No additional fees, and you know exactly what you’re paying for: high-quality Florence Italy Tours from a native, licensed, genuine Florence tour guide who will explain and discuss art, history and other wonders of this beautiful city.

We have a selection of private Florence Italy Tours to choose from, or if you prefer, you can contact us and arrange any personalized tour choosing your preferred Florence attractions.

 Be a top executive, five-star tourist for coach prices: book your Florence Day Tour now!

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